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By joining the force of our "Global Intelligence" networked together, we create with no limits and know no bounds as we are the WORLD, the " Emergent Intelligence" , " Collective Genius"  the Open platform.

TOGETHER our everyday lives are now becoming globally connected into the largest, most complete universal project that is literally affecting and will affect every area of human existence on the planet as we know it today.   In this new level of interaction and way of organizing the present Universe we live in, we have no limits to explore, create, build, interact, socialize, network, and structure the largest and newest Globally Interconnected Community the world has ever seen.

In this fast paced world we live in, timing is everything.  By getting involved now in the new technological developments, in founding new companies to develop them and by partnering with us, speaking with and for us, and implementing our plan of action, and being involved on an individual basis, you will be helping the world build this with the "bricks and stones" of technological innovation.   The founding companies, individuals, organizations and groups who are developing these technologies will be the movers and shapers of the new century.


Please see above.  We are seeking key global partners to work with us on this project.

Please also see section below "How Can We Help Build This ?"

We are at the threshold of the greatest development the World has ever seen.

We are looking for those who wish to join this effort now.  You will be the new leading companies and individuals of the future.

We are bringing together companies, organizations, businesses, and individual talent in many areas.  We are constantly incorporating new members in the global matrix that are speaking for and with us in unison and helping build the globally interconnected matrix in a practical way.  Be a part of this.

We help your group to found new companies, develop new technologies, establish new global trusts, new globally distributed servers, new global partners and alliances and together we bring about the greatest revolution in global interconnectedness..

This is also a platform for the development of new architectural vision and ideas .  Here the buildings, cities and technologies of the future are taking shape.  As a global community of designers, together we develop the joint strategies for the future of architecture.   This is thus a community driven project where ideas are freely exchanged.

On a personal level, we invite individuals to contribute in many specific areas and help the world realize this phenomenal project that is bringing about a new era of human interaction, technological achievement, global connectivity and business opportunities.

We are at the dawn of this New Era.

This is an astronomical opportunity to be a part of the movers and shakers who are making history.

"You don't imagine the power of dreams and imagination."

"Our words carry magic and can transform the future."

"Our thoughts, ideas, aspirations and inventions re-shape reality around us and transport us into an unimaginable future of advanced human interaction and endless possibilities of technological developments."

Before our eyes is emerging of a new generation of scientists, visionaries, world collaboration, global intelligence, freedom of creation and scientific exploration.

Welcome to the journey.

Want more specific information ?

For those companies and individuals who wish to join this effort, we have a Global Plan of Action, a Global Strategy, A List of New Technological Developments and detailed descriptions of how this will work, all developed by our group and to be implemented by the global community of scientists, engineers and technology companies and experts for years to come.  We will help you implement these new technologies and together we will grow!

These new technologies we are developing will be bringing a new trillion dollar industry of opportunities to the forefront.

Here and now we shape this new reality.

Imagine, Your Company on a "billion servers and galaxies."

Would you like to help us re-shape the future ?

The choice is yours.

It is happening before your eyes, here and now.

The world will never be the same. 

Current Latest Project Liquid Universe Developments :

1. "The theory of Gravitational Kinetics of Motion".

2. "Terrestrial Transportation System X".

3. "The Gravitational Cancellation Theory".

4. "Energy States and Their Relation to Renewable Energy".

5. "The Model of an Atom as a Source of Renewable Energy"

6. "Magnetic Cancellation Theory".

7. "A Blue-Print For the Computer of the Future".

8. "The New Internet and Data Transmission System"

9. "The New Global Connectivity Platform"

10. "The New Language of 3D Design and Artificial Intelligence" 

11. Development and furthering the cause of architectural theory
in our newest formulation --->>>

Scientific theory with a universe of possibilities in mind.

The Order of ARchiTectural ThougHt ------->>>> Newest Formulation Unheard of !

1. A Problem.   A global world of mass exploitation by a few global players.

2. A context.     A Fractured world of poverty, misery and self-indulgence.

3. A function.   To enable the global community to run the show.

4. A concept.   "Des-integrate and re-structure mental energy".

5. A form.          Project Liquid Universe.

"Our greatest strength is not in our individuality of effort, but in our unity of ideas, global connectivity and force of mass collaboration."

"Those who fight this global power will be left in the ruins of post-modernist civilization."

"We are growing stronger by the minute."

"Open your mind and begin to explore a universe of infinite possibilities."

"Our worse fear is fear itself."  We have nothing to fear and everything to gain.


Global Policies, Terms and Conditions of Joining

There are global policies of conduct as established by the global community. 


We respect individual claims of ownership over all material, businesses, technologies, scientific developments, inventions, virtual networks and proprietary objects here developed, such as third party programs, architectural designs, buildings, 3D models, Projects, and any type of proprietary product or service offered in conjunction with the Project.  We will not, as some sites attempt to do, appropriate, establish a claim, incorporate without permission, give away or otherwise infringe upon the rights of the global community those areas, services, products and elements devised, formulated by individuals, companies or groups of organizations.

We will never give away, share, sell our members information with other members, communities, with un-authorized individuals, or without explicit customer request, consent, in order to benefit your online network, business, community in a way you specify.

No spam is allowed on this site, in this World Community.

In this freely accessible Global Connectivity Platform any user will be able to freely access the New Liquid Universe Project database, contribute, add to it and help in the technological implications .  In this universe of science, invention, technology, innovation and research, we have global laws and standards and the same will be integrated into the global matrix. 

We as a global community serve global laws, global opinions, global suggestions.  All are free to contribute, suggest, help to improve this new global matrix in any way so desired.  We count on all our efforts to build the one and only BIGGEST Global Technological Integration System.

Success to all working with us on this venture.

We as a community are here creating the framework and technology for a multitude of new companies to introduce new products, new services, inventions and systems of communication.  

We provide the technology, the support, the system and the means for you to create your own company and develop these technologies, working together with this community at Project Liquid Universe and thus together being the co developers of this technology.  Together we thus share in the fruits of our realization.

In this sytem, we are able to mentally and physically project our conscious experience to any position in the universe, within the matrix of the technology integration system.  It is an experience never seen before in any software, program or community in existence today.   It has never before been possible.  We now have the technology, the expertise, the ideas, the plan and the means to completely integrate the matrix with the physical dimension as we know it, thus allowing for an unheard of explosion in technological developments in architecture, science, communications, networking, robotics, and in a universe of related fields.

We have developed the methods, the inventions, the platform, the vision, the strategy and the plan of action that is enabling us, with new global connectivity, to codify the boundaries of our universe into an intelligent, breathing, living interactive experience. It is The New Liquid Universe.

We are using new technologies and a development platform we have created.  The details are being released only to serious partners in this global project.  Become a part of this today.  All who believe in this can join.

Wish to know more ?, A Strategy, a List of Technological Developments to be implemented.
This is a revolution in progress. 

Join us, speak for and with us.

The World Will Listen

We are here and now creating the world's most technologically advanced "Global Technology Integration System" that is be freely accessed by all members and sponsored by a multitude of global corporate enterprises and individuals.  This framework favors the introduction of new technological developments unseen, global innovation, and a unified matrix that is bringing about a new way for man to see, interact and explore the physical and mental world we call the Universe. 

The system, technologies, inventions and methodologies we have created and are continuously creating together has enabled the structure for the introduction of multitudes of new companies.  This universal development platform integrates reality in the modern world as we know it.

In this environment, the real world and the virtual world are co inhabiting this planet in a new level of experience.  The implications of this phenomenon are some of the most fantastic changes in architecture, technology, science, industry, arts, entertainment, communications, ways of conducting business and interacting online, among other effects.

The system thus maintains universal implications on the way we live our reality in the world as we currently know it.

(Please see the footnotes below on the DOD SWS system, for further clarification of our objectives and what this is all about.  In essence we are creating an open free version of this system). 
Welcome to the world's first completely unique Global Connectivity Platform -

The Genesis of the New "Liquid Universe Project".

"A World of Opportunity at Your Door". 

Who exactly are We ? We Are The World, we are the new public collective data integration system.  Together, by harnessing the power behind Mass Collaboration, Networked Intelligence, Lightweight Collaboration, Emergent Intelligence, Collective Genius, Open platforms, Open Innovation, Collective Intelligence, Global Innovation Networks, Decentralized Collaboration, Social Networking, Open Source, Crowd Sourcing, Peer Production, Social Production, Self-Organized Communities, and related concepts, we create together the new Technological Integration System.

Together we develop new technologies, re-invent the codes of our existing system and project the future with new materials, new computers, new systems of communication, new transportation systems of the future, new architectural and structural technologies and an infinity of new inventions.  

In this environment, the new technology of the future is developed, including:

- A new type of computer.
- New ways of accessing software.
- New programs.
- A new internet.
- Designing the architecture and cities of the future together.
- The new transportation systems of the future.
- New ways to access space.
- The new real estate development and projects of the future.
- The new platform of the Technological Integration System.
- The Global Ring project.
- The Gateway to the Sky.
-  New theories of design, new theories of energy, new inventions, ideas, systems, to pulse mankind into the new century in flying colors.
 * Discover Magazine Definition of " Liquid Universe "

"In the beginning--or to be precise, a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang--the universe was a seething, unimaginably hot ball of energy. The forces that we know-- gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak forces that govern atoms--were still joined as one. But in an instant, this sea of energy changed. Much as water abruptly turns to ice, the universe crossed a temperature threshold and the universal force fragmented.

As unlikely as it seems, a group of Finnish physicists claims to have re-created these primordial conditions in the lab. They believe they have simulated important features of the newborn universe in a flask of liquid helium chilled to near absolute zero, and their experiments, they say, bear out the predictions of a controversial theory.

As the universe cooled, according to this theory, defects in the fabric of space-time appeared, just as water solidifying to ice develops crystal imperfections. These cosmological wrinkles--called cosmic strings-- would have been far thinner than an atom, perhaps infinitely long and extremely massive, spanning the universe. As strange as these objects seem, they would solve a host of vexing problems in cosmology. Because of their enormous mass, the strings’ powerful gravitational fields would have helped pull together the first galaxies and provided the framework for the large- scale structure of the universe....""
We have, so to speak, created the "cosmic strings", the global matrix, the new framework for the new large scale universal global integration system.
WHO WE ARE:    We are a group of global innovators who are developing

"The Advanced Global Technology Integration System"

This project is bringing together a multitude of new technologies, scientific developments and inventions.

We are bringing into this joint development effort some of the most advanced scientists, inventors, researchers, technology experts, architects, engineers, and a multitude of global experts in robotics, modeling, advanced software applications, telecommunications, network systems and artificial intelligence. 

Born, the "Liquid Universe Project*", the primeval explosion of energy and technological innovation that will radiate into the cosmos as we currently know it.

In this new "liquid" environment, we have released the energy and the technology to enable a a primordial explosion in architectural idea, science and technological development.  We have created a real living experience that is bringing to the forefront a new revolutionary way to view and experience the world as we know it, and to define it's fundamental building blocks.

In this environment, the real world and the virtual world will exist in a new level of interaction and this is going to bring about a great revolution in technology, architecture, science, way of conducting business and interacting online.


This is the overall plan, framework, vision and system that is bringing about incredible changes to the world as we know it today.  It is enabling this matrix to project itself within the unlimited boundaries of our physical and mental universe as projected into the globally integrated system.


For those who wish to know more, we can provide the following information.  (Please contact us for further details):

The implications of this Global Technological Integration Framework (GTIF) are astronomical).  We maintain a multitude of new inventions, technologies, and scientific developments that we as a community are creating at an astronomical rate and with worldwide implications.  

We are looking for new partner companies, scientific foundations, organizations, and individuals to partner with us / help us develop and implement these new technologies we are creating at Project Liquid Universe, as a global community.
"If we can alter the energy state of matter in essence we can create a temporal distortion of time."  By Mr. Nelson, Project Coordinator.
They are as follows:

DOD "Sentient World Simulation (SWS)"
23rd June 2007:


"Called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), it will be a "synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information", according to a concept paper for the project."


Synthetic Environments for Analysis and Simulation (SEAS), the result of ten years of research conducted at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, in association with the United States Department of Defense and several Fortune 500 companies.

Simulex Inc SEAS-VIS
SEAS-VIS Screenshot

"The SEAS-VIS model is a representation of the Institutions, Organizations, Leaders, Individuals, and Infrastructure that make up a society. The geography of the society is modeled at various levels including City, Province, Country, Region, and World in terms of Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, and Infrastructure (PMESII) nodes. The virtual environment integrates multiple theories from various disciplines to program behaviorally accurate agents with dynamic rules that govern and guide their actions and interactions. SEAS-VIS facilitates a seamless and interchangeable integration of human and software agents and allows for testing the efficacy of theories, decisions, strategies, and tools.

Models are made fully transparent to allow for close scrutiny by the client, facilitating model critique and development.

Simulex products employing the SEAS-VIS technology include ACCESS and SEAS-Rx."

Simulex case study projects we wish to bring into public domain at Project Liquid Universe -->>


In essence, our proposal is to create a free open global community driven version of the DOD SWS and the various Simulex Case study projects.
This new proposal is to create a system similar to this DOD SWS project and the various Simulex Case study types projects and bring them completely within the global public domain in a universal joint development effort.

This system, once developed, will bring us the power to develop the technology of the future in this joint global effort.

Related sites:

DOD "Sentient World Simulation (SWS)"
23rd June 2007:







Airships, the Next Generation


Medical 3D Display Technology:


Magnetic Levitation at our Fingertips


Probable Future


Ancient Wisdom and Modern Physics:


Change Happens Through Emergence


"In all living systems (which includes us humans), change always happens through emergence.  Large-scale changes that have great impact do not originate in plans or strategies from on high.  Instead, they begin as small, local actions.  While they remain separate and apart, they have no influence beyond their locale.  However, if they become connected, exchanging information and learning, their separate efforts can suddenly emerge as very powerful changes, able to influence a large system.  This sudden appearance, known as an emergent phenomenon, always brings new levels of capacity.  Three things are guaranteed with emergent phenomena. Their power and influence will far exceed any sum of the separate efforts. They will exhibit skills and capacities that were not present in the local efforts.  And their appearance always surprises us."

"Intentionally working with emergence

Emergence has a life cycle. In each stage, connections become stronger and interactions more numerous and diverse.  It begins with networking, connecting people who are often so busily engaged in their own efforts that they have no idea what’s happening outside their building or district.  Often, simply discovering you’re not alone offers a huge boost to morale.

Yet networking is only the beginning.  The second stage is when people realize that they can create more benefit by working together.  Relationships shift from casual exchanges to a commitment to work together in some way.  Personal needs expand to include a desire to support others and improve professional practices."

"What if, as educational leaders, we could understand that Communities of Practice are a powerful route to large-scale change?  We would no longer view them as a fad or an interesting diversion from traditional processes. Instead, we would invest in them more seriously.  If they weren’t working well, we wouldn’t dismiss them, abandon them or stop funding them.  Instead, we would make it a priority to figure out how to make them successful.  We would invest whatever it took in time and resources to ensure their viability and vitality."

PROJECT LIQUID UNIVERSEThe power of global connectivity.

It is high time we as the world join forces and work on this technology integration system together.

This is a call for the entire world - Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Arab countries and Africa to unite with us in this effort. 

Why allow one government/ company to set the stage for the future? 

It is high time we bring this into the public domain, where it belongs, and develop this together.

Being developed as a global community, it thus guarantees universal access, stability and the open voice in the system.. 

An open platform developed by the entire world and freely accessible to all participants.

Our politicians and leaders will need to open their information and similar projects to public access and thus allow all countries to work on this together. Why hand these projects over to one single company, to monopolize, control this information and thus attempt to monopolize the entire system?

Why one country to develop it alone, without global cooperation?

By developing this as a global community, we are not allowing one country to manipulate the global data to it's advantage.

As a global community we thus allow simulations to work to our advantage. They will allow us to design the cities of the future, test new transportation systems, test new models of urban design and test new ways of organizing the communities we live in.

Launched: June.2007
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